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> > The poor put-upon Iranian leadership and parliament.  Wa-wa-wa. 
> How
> > could the evil West ever have done such an injustice to them?
> >
> > Of course, leave it to that other Bully Incarnate -- Billie
Batts --

> > to be the first out of the starting gate to defend these
> > of mass-murder and terrorism.
> Uh, Shemp, I wasn't defending the Iranians.

Uh, Billie, it certainly came across that you were or, at the very
least, invested in making sure people knew the story wasn't true.

> Sorry the confirmation that the story wasn't true
> has upset you; I hadn't realized you were so
> emotionally involved.  The only reason I posted
> this article was because--quite calmly at the time--
> you had earlier expressed an interest in how the
> story developed.

Gee, it's at least the third or fourth posting you've devoted to the

So with all the issues in the world available to you to post about,
why so much time and energy to this one?

> Now, go take your medication, please.

Go home and get your shine box.

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