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> > perhaps not a demand for TM,  but a demand for *something*. The
> seminar I participated
> > in in Tucson had about 80 people show up. True, most of them were
> invited guests there
> > at least partly for the free lunch, but they were QUITE interested
> in what was said. We're
> > still editing the video of the seminar. Will post the URL as we get
> stuff up.
> Kinda like timeshare sales meetings where folks go for the meal and
> the free hotel stays, I guess.

No doubt, that was a "hook" for some. But you appear to be in denial about how serious
ADHD is becoming in schools these days. Recall that its almost a given that kids who
watch TV a lot before age 4 will become ADHD and that almost all US kids are plopped in
front of the TV as a baby sitter.

Anything that helps, if it is possible to implement, will be welcomed by today's educators.

If some other, cheaper, meditation program can help, obviously they'll use that, but the
independent teachers will have a hard time establishing the standardization and efficacy of
their teaching without reference to where they learned.

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