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> Thomas Jefferson blamed slavery on the British.  Indeed, he felt
> that the British imposed it upon the colonies. 

If he did, its  bit odd. Britian introduced slavery to many ofits
colonies in the 1600's -- maybe that is what he is referring to. But I
have read that, I think in Hamilton's bio, at the time of the
revolution, Bitian was increasingly anti-slavery, and that if the
British had won the Rev War, slavery would have been short lived in
the colonies.  

Regardless, from other sources,  Britain outlawed the slave trade in
1807 and soon began enforcing this principle on other nations. By the
mid-19th century Britain had largely eradicated the world slave trade.
Slavery itself was abolished in the British colonies in 1834.

>And he was really
> pissed off that the Brits got so high and mighty about offering
> slaves their freedom if they fought against the colonists during the
> revolutionary war.

They did this as an effective tactic, but also because of the growing
British belief in universal freedom (in terms of no slavery),
something that the collectively founding fathers did not share  --
despite their high minded rhetoric. (with strong exceptions such as
> Of course, Jefferson himself owned slaves which I believe he didn't
> free until his death.

Hamilton was vehemently against slavery and never owned any.

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