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> Yes, Hitler started out being quite loved in Germany, telling people
> all they wanted to here; appealing to their ego's and dreams of
> conquering the world;

I think the inital appeal was to role back the highly abusive,
crushing terms that the Allies (so called good guys) put on Germany
and its people. Its no surprise that Germany was open to lots of
options to get out from under Versaille. And well, while not a nobel
trait, its human nature to look for retribution and revenge. So if a
leader could 1) neutralize a clearly evil treaty, and 2) stomp a bit
on the blue meanies who imposed it, no wonder he got strong initial

And a number of themes were consistent with what we consider modern,
progresive and hip things: fresh air, exercise, athletics, bautiful
bodies, good food -- even vegetarianism, digging back to cultural
roots, grand spectactles of music and large social events -- aka
"happenings", great art and architecture, etc.

Then Hitler became addicted the Meth. It took its toll. From 41-45 he
became  increasingly deranged, unbalanced, meglomaniactic etc., from
up to FIVE heavy injections per day! Not casual use. If he had not
been overtaken by meth, a substantially different playout of the war
may have occurred. And something less extreme.

BTW, the blietzkrieg was not primarily due to superior german
technology in airplanes and tanks, but rather the first full scale use
of Meth by troops -- who literally stayed up 40-50 hours straight and
just raced through Poland --then France etc. Unprecedented that troops
did not stop to build camps, sleep,etc. They just pushed on,
tweaking, euphoric, alert and self-confident.

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