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> > Yes, Hitler started out being quite loved in Germany, telling people
> > all they wanted to here; appealing to their ego's and dreams of
> > conquering the world;
> I think the inital appeal was to role back the highly abusive,
> crushing terms that the Allies (so called good guys) put on Germany
> and its people. Its no surprise that Germany was open to lots of
> options to get out from under Versaille. And well, while not a nobel
> trait, its human nature to look for retribution and revenge. So if a
> leader could 1) neutralize a clearly evil treaty, and 2) stomp a bit
> on the blue meanies who imposed it, no wonder he got strong initial
> support.
> And a number of themes were consistent with what we consider modern,
> progresive and hip things: fresh air, exercise, athletics, bautiful
> bodies, good food -- even vegetarianism, digging back to cultural
> roots, grand spectactles of music and large social events -- aka
> "happenings", great art and architecture, etc.
> Then Hitler became addicted the Meth. It took its toll. From 41-45 he
> became  increasingly deranged, unbalanced, meglomaniactic etc., from
> up to FIVE heavy injections per day! Not casual use. If he had not
> been overtaken by meth, a substantially different playout of the war
> may have occurred. And something less extreme.
> BTW, the blietzkrieg was not primarily due to superior german
> technology in airplanes and tanks, but rather the first full scale use
> of Meth by troops -- who literally stayed up 40-50 hours straight and
> just raced through Poland --then France etc. Unprecedented that troops
>  did not stop to build camps, sleep,etc. They just pushed on,
> tweaking, euphoric, alert and self-confident.

Unlike the carefully nurtured troops in Operation Iraqi Freedom...

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