Title: Local Control and Ed Fallon = see him this Friday
Dear Friends:

There is a lot at stake in the upcoming Democratic Primary election.  The great news is that we have an excellent candidate for Governor  -- Ed Fallon.  Ed is a man of great intelligence, integrity, and vision, who cares about issues that matter most to our community. He has taken strong stands for local control over factory farms, for voter-owned elections free of special interest money, and for creating a high quality of life in rural and small-town Iowa.  Plus he's a really nice person, who talks with people, not at them, and keeps his campaign positive.  He will be in Fairfield at the upcoming June 2 Art Walk:

8:30 pm Revelations: playing accordion and answering questions
9:00 pm Morning Star lounge: reception and talk on issues

Please come and meet him this Friday night.  He deserves the support of our community.

See what he stands for below.  Many Independents and Republicans are voting for Ed in the Primary.

If you have any questions, please call me at 472-4646.  Please forward this email to all your friends.



Ed Fallon, the Democratic candidate for Governor, supports:

LOCAL CONTROL - Let counties decide if and where factory farms should locate.
CLEAN ELECTIONS - Special interest money has essentially turned elections into
Auctions and turned Iowa s budget into their own private feeding trough.  Let's pass
clean elections law like Arizona and Maine .
- Funding for small businesses to create more jobs
    and the Main Street Program to revitalize our cities and towns
 Iowan owned ethanol, biofuels and wind projects.  Energy Conservation is cornerstone of  his policy
UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE Iowa needs an accessible, adequate and affordable healthcare system

Tired of  POLITIC$ as U$UAL
Say Yes to Fallon for Governor!
Vote on June 6 in the Democratic Primary.

For more information on Ed Fallon, go to www.fallonforgovernor.net

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