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> My favorite all time joke, illustrative of the limits of science is
> ... 63!!!
> For those who don'tremember 63, its the one where the drunk is
> unsuccessfully looking for his car keys under the streetlamp. A
> passerby asks whats the matter blah blah .. and then asks "well
> where did you lose your kyes."
> "Over there said the drunk."
> "Well why are you looking for them here."
> The drunk answers, "The lights much better here."

FWIW, this was originally one of the jokes told by
the medieval Muslim sage Nasrudin, in which he
frequently featured himself as something of a nitwit.
They're actually koan-like teaching stories with several
layers of meaning.

The stories have gone through a number of incarnations.
When I was growing up, we told them as jokes and called
them "Little Moron stories."  In your version, Nasrudin
has become a drunk.

> Some use the light of science to look for stuff where science cannot
> shine. (Nor the sun).

Very nice use of that story!  I've also seen it used
with regard to spiritual seeking.

Here's a neat one:

The Guest of Honor

The dervish Nasrudin entered a formal reception area and seated
himself at the foremost elegant chair. The Chief of the Guard
approached and said: "Sir, those places are reserved for guests of

"Oh, I am more than a mere guest," replied Nasrudin confidently.

"Oh, so are you a diplomat?"

"Far more than that!"

"Really? So you are a minister, perhaps?"

"No, bigger than that too."

"Oho! So you must be the King himself, sir," said the Chief

"Higher than that!"

"Only Allah is higher than the King!"

"I am more than that, too!"

"What?! Are you higher than Allah?! Nobody is higher than Allah!"

"Now you have it. I am nobody!" said Nasrudin.


Here's one I remember from childhood:

The little moron and a friend are walking down the
railroad tracks.  All of a sudden, they come upon a
human leg.

"That looks like Joe's leg," the friend says.

"It is Joe's leg!" the little moron says.

They walk a little farther and find an arm.

"By gum, that looks like Joe's arm," exlaims the friend.

"It is Joe's arm!" says the little moron.

They walk on.  Shortly they discover a head.

"Oh, my God, that looks like Joe's head," says the friend.

"It is Joe's head!" says the little moron.

He picks it up by the ears and shakes it, crying,
"Joe, Joe, are you hurt?"

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