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> > That's all maya my friend.  Wake up.
> Worse, it's "sub-Maya," illusions created by and
> propagated by illusions to other illusions. It's
> not as if, after all, war is part of some cosmic
> grand plan;

If there *is* such a thing as a "cosmic grand plan,"
it would by definition include everything that goes
down in the universe, including war and resistance
to war.

it's more of a *failure* on the part
> of the illusory beings, a kind of transferred
> anger that they take out on other illusory beings
> when they start to intuit that they themselves
> are illusions.

It strikes me that the contemptuous demonization
by wannabe pacifists of those involved in war falls
into the same category: it's equally fraught with
transferred anger and equally devoid of compassion
and understanding.  It only reinforces and
perpetuates the failure to achieve lasting resolution
of conflict.

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