Great post!  I love this stuff.  I think there is also evidence of
Homo Sapien mating with Neanderthal back in the day.  Early man was
such a stud!

I hear that after the second glass of Chardonnay, chimp chicks are a
done deal!

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> From NewScientist, May, 2006, p. 5 "A Messy Divorce, Our distant
> ancestors' behaviour can teach us a thing or two".
> "People who have trought accepting that we are descended from apes,
> and even some who are fine with the concept, will not be happy with
> this news about human origins.  Not only were our ancestors related
> to chimpanzees, they carried on mating with them long after our
> family tree branches from theirs".
> "It's not all as bad as it sounds.  First, this startling idea is
> still only a hypothesis -- albeit the one that best explains the
> unexpectedly limited differences between our own genome and those of
> our nearest ape cousins, the chimpanzee and gorilla.  To know for
> certain will take much more genomic detective work".
> "Even if true, though, is is no sordid tale of scandal and
> perversion.  After all, at the time any hybridization would have
> happened, oru ancestors had barely begun to walk upright and probably
> looked very much like the protochimps they interbred with.  Instead,
> this new glimpse of our history serves as a lesson in how fuzzy the
> boundaries of a species can be, and in how evolution bumbles along
> without any grand plan."
> The article goes on to say that the apparent separation between
> species is often messier than simply being unable to interbreed; and
> also that entire family trees are messy.
> Regarding the divergence of amps and humans, the article says, "At
> times it would have been hard to decide if there was one species or
> two:  evolution just selected what worked."
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