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> I hate to go off topic but there also seems to be a very
> virulent strain of telemarketinganitus spreading throughout
> the country. One of my credit card companies keeps calling
> to sell me a credit report service. For some reason they
> seem to have a problem understanding some part of "I'm not
> interested."  I know all their numbers so just kill the call
> when I see the caller ID. But the other day I wanted to see
> what they were pushing and I wound up just hanging up on the
> idiot. They keep calling back.  Anyhoo, I wanted to ask does
> France have telemarketers? Seems to me the French would have
> little tolerance for such idiocy.

Sadly, the French have idiots, too, and some of them
are telemarketers. I don't have caller ID, but there
is the same tip-off here as there was in the US. If
you answer and no one is there and then you hear a
click, it's a telemarketer. what happens is that a
machine auto-dials their list of suckers and then
transfers it to a human being (or close approximation
thereof) when someone answers. The pause and the click
is the giveaway every time. So whenever I hear them
I hang up.

It's never failed. I figure if it were really some-
one I know calling me or someone trying to reach me
about something important, they'd call right back.
But no one ever calls back, so it's telemarketers.

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