TorquiseB writes snipped:
So that's the quandary. Do I send him some money,
in honor of his enduring faith and the fact that
he still has faith in a faithless world? Or do I
not, knowing that from another point of view he's
a spiritual teacher addict, and I'm essentially
one of the people enabling him to remain an addict
by paying for it?

Tom T
Trying hard not to sound like a wise guy I can only ask why do you
want to remain in an addictive co dependent relationship with these
folks. I use the plural as you now have the girlfriend to include in
the equation. It must give you some charge so the real reason this
continues is you must be getting some emotional payback. The gut issue
is why. Figure out the why and you then have the freedom to do or not
do without any need for the payback. By the way, good luck, these
types of thingys one discovers along the way are what makes this
journey a real kick. Tom

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