Rick, what I wrote below is not a criticism of what people did on Purusha or MD.  Those are
situations where asking for money is what you were told to do by your Master - the culture
expected it of you.  MOst Purusha MD felt uncomfortable, I expect, with this.  I am talking
about people who feel no discomfort in the process, and therefore no internal motivation
to change.

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> > > Nonetheless, I hated having to ask people for
> > > money. It corrupted my psychology. Like a
> > > gunslinger walking into a saloon, I couldn't
> > > walk into a room full of TM people without
> > > glancing around the room to spot potential
> > > donors. It ruined a few friendships. One was
> > > with a dear friend to whom I would love to
> > > apologize and renew our friendship, but I
> > > can't find him. One of the best things about
> > > having left the movement is that I have grown
> > > out of this dependent way of thinking. You might
> > > be doing your friend a bigger favor by helping
> > > him to do that than by continuing to support him.
> >
> > Yup. I'd pretty much decided that. It's not as if
> > I've been a big supporter in the past; it's just
> > that his latest spiel was all laced with stories
> > about how the girlfriend needed dental work and
> > was in pain all the time and my first reaction
> > was "Get a fuckin' job for a few months and pay
> > for her dentist yourSELF, suckah. Stop expecting
> > other people to do it for you." Good to hear from
> > folks here that my reaction was not out of the
> > ordinary.
> >
> I have been in several similar situations, and several times (but not always) that I "gave"
> be kind and caring, it turned out badly.  These types of people are really talented at
> getting others to give to them, to work for them.  Their "job" is convincing others to
> in the money.  But don't worry, because if you won't help, they will find someone else
> will, somehow or other.  And if people stop funding his fun, and he truly is disabled, he
> will figure out how to get the most out of the government, you can be sure.  And dental
> work can always be gotten for free at univeristy dental schools.

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