Celebrating the birthday of Dr. Arleen Kaplan (excerpt)

23 May 06

Dr. Peter Swann: now I think we have come to the end of..

MMY: NO, no, no, as someone said we cannot come to an end of
knowledge, with reference to Kaplan family, beautifully said—Kromman
(?) said beautifully, they are beautiful stars and when you examine
these stars, each way is full of wholeness, full of knowledge, and I
must let everyone know that we cherish this mother of the family
whose birthday we are celebrating today. --I take to be Mother of
the movement-- she fed all her life through the radiance of her
knowledge, that means, from the soul, from the quality of being,
from the quality of Brahman, from the quality of Ram in her, as it
is in everyone's Self Referral consciousness, Atma, Atma, Atma

It's very generous, the most generous mother of the movement.

I must tell everyone.
It will be very difficult for anyone to have a proper evaluation of
the dignity and magnanimity of this Mother of the movement…. the
whole Kaplan family - Kap is the head that protects the head, and
what they have very naturally learned is to protect themselves by
protecting the world.

I have no hesitation to mention that so far in the movement the
biggest donation that came, came from this mother of the movement,
Kaplan `s family ..About 16 million (USD) or something, Kaplan will
know proper figures, about that figure was donated by them and I

`What do you want to get done with this?

They said : `Pandits in India, we want them to never have lack of

I said: `fine, well begun is half done.'

I had been worrying about the future of the movement, future of the
pundits in India but this donation from the Kaplan's family has put
me to rest , at least there will be something for them to go on and
on and on…..

Their wishes (the Kaplan's): pundits in India. Built them, maintain
them, give them vastu buildings and all that, all that, and have
something preserved for them for their future. Whatever number,
whatever number, but there is some security at the base of the whole

For this, I feel very, very full with the family and would like to
call them to have a beautiful, beautiful intimate parental role for
the whole movement. Because pundits in India are the basis for all
times, all times. Have that thing. So, it's well done. Whatever part
of it will preserve--but it will preserve quite a good part of the
movement and with this they deserve all their donations and all love
from everyone, everywhere.

And when I personally knew them, just three, four months ago---So
quiet and so dignified and so full in themselves.

When Kaplan told me about this thing then I said `yes, do it, it's
well done.'

So, well done Kaplans. The world is appreciating you to be a very
good, a very good radiator of pure knowledge, pure wealth, full
dignity of life and like the sun, supporting everyone.

All glory to Guru Dev

You have the blessings of the Eternal Holy Tradition of Vedic

You have the blessings of Raja Ram, the first ruler of the Global
Country of world Peace,

You have the sympathies of all those ministers and rajas. Now you
are going to be raja yourself. It's very good.

Well done Kaplan

Jai Guru Dev and all glory to Guru Dev

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