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> > Celebrating the birthday of Dr. Arleen Kaplan (excerpt)
> > 23 May 06
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> Ironic that one pair of Kaplans withdraws the financial tit, and
> unrelated pair offers a new one.

Actually, these "new" Kaplans have been doing it for quite
awhile...albeit not to the generous extent that the "other" Kaplan
did.  But like the other Kaplan -- and unlike alot of heirs in the
Movement -- this Kaplan made his money the old-fashioned way: he
EARNED it.  He's a very astute business who would have become the
multimillionaire that he did become about 10 years ago much earlier
in life had he not spent about 10 years working full time in the TMO.

And a more kind and generous (both monetarily and non-monitarily)
person you won't ever meet.

His wife, however, is almost universally considered a snob.  In my
opinion it is not because deep down she IS one but, rather, because
she is an intensely insecure and shy person and, as is the case with
many insecure and shy people, her attitude comes off as aloofness
and inappropriate comments.

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