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> >>> Celebrating the birthday of Dr. Arleen Kaplan (excerpt)
> >>> 23 May 06
> >>>
> >> Ironic that one pair of Kaplans withdraws the financial tit, and
> > another
> >> unrelated pair offers a new one.
> >>
> >
> >
> > Actually, these "new" Kaplans have been doing it for quite
> > awhile...albeit not to the generous extent that the "other"
> > did.  But like the other Kaplan -- and unlike alot of heirs in
> > Movement -- this Kaplan made his money the old-fashioned way: he
> > EARNED it.  He's a very astute business who would have become the
> > multimillionaire that he did become about 10 years ago much
> > in life had he not spent about 10 years working full time in the
> >
> > And a more kind and generous (both monetarily and non-monitarily)
> > person you won't ever meet.
> >
> > His wife, however, is almost universally considered a snob.  In
> > opinion it is not because deep down she IS one but, rather,
> > she is an intensely insecure and shy person and, as is the case
> > many insecure and shy people, her attitude comes off as aloofness
> > and inappropriate comments.
> I know them pretty well. I ran their ATR course in the summer
of '74 in
> Avoriaz, France, then they joined International Staff. How come
MMY is
> praising Arlene so much rather than Harris, if he made the money?

Hello!  McFly!  Anybody home?

Rick, must you ask?  This is America: the men make the money, the
women spend it.  Women run the show, not the men.

Seriously, although I haven't seen her nigh on twenty years, she was
a "looker".  Completely devoted to MMY.  Perhaps he is sotten with
her to a certain degree.

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