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> > Hi, I am unsure why you are asking such, for the criterion
> > for recognizing such a Jivanmukta is clearly spelled out by
> > the saint dude:
> > "Only a Jivammukta can know a Jivanmukta."
> He should have stopped there IMO, or with the state-
> ment about how defining the state was not possible.
> He didn't.

Nature's choice, right? ; )

> The reason I asked is that in your reply above to
> new_morning, you clearly stated that you agreed
> with the characteristics he defined *when* he didn't.

I read it differently, not as new_morning expressing an opinion at
all, rather looking for a clarification.
> > This is something I completely embrace as true, and have said as
> > much on FFL recently. Beyond this are endless questions that imo
> > are not useful to answer.
> >
> > What is your website url again please?
> I don't have one. The website that put my book
> up is not mine, and was started by some friends.
> That one, if that's what you are referring to,
> is at http://www.ramalila.net/RoadTripMind

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