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> > I only read the first thousand words or so - it's a long
> > article - but I'm going to go out on a limb and say there's
> > zero implication that Bush himself was behind any of
> > the shenanigans Kennedy describes.
> >
> > I got the impression this article illustrates a culture
> > of corruption, not one man's influence.
> >
> > So here we have a well-documented piece of
> > investigative journalism, researched at length
> > with many source materials in the public domain,
> > going to great pains to get the facts right,
> > and it's shared in this forum under a misleading
> > subject line.
> You're absolutely correct, but he *was* the
> beneficiary of the stolen elections.
> Perhaps more straightforward wording would have
> been, "How two elections were stolen for Bush."
>  Kinda starts the whole discussion on a sour
> > note, seems to me.
> >
Yes, Bush and his policies(whose ever behind it all), does leave a
sour and bitter taste in one's mouth...
I think this swing toward the right, was inevitible...
I always felt, that somewhere around the year 2000, we would be
plunged into a right-wing take-over of the government..
I didn't know how far it would to, or how it would play itself out.
But, nonetheless, here we are;
The consolation is:
Now that we've all experienced this swing toward the right;
It's now inevitible, there will be a swing toward the opposite
So, get out and vote..next time around, hopefully we'll still be able
to ...

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