shempmcgurk wrote:

>Al Gore's father, Al Senior, was an old school racist who supported
>Jim Crow and segregation and, of course, voted against the 1964 Civil
>Rights Act like most of his fellow Southern Democrats.  In his private
>life, Gore practised what he preached as well.
>So Senior used the fear-mongering inherent in his chosen philosophy of
>racism and segregation to keep African-Americans in their place.
>Junior uses the fear-mongering of the-sky-is-falling global warming to
>put fear in everyone.
>The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

And Al's film opens today in the SF Bay area.  I'm going to take it in
next week at the local Cinearts.

I suppose Shemp would have to be up to his ears in pollution before he'd
admit to the effects of global warming and may not even then!

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