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> > A $2.8 trillion budget???????  This is simply horrific.
> What frightens me is, for all we're borrowing, we're
> not any more safe or prosperous than we are.

I don't believe it's a function of the borrowing but I certainly
think we're both more safer and prosperous.

Most economic indicators are incredibly strong.

Safety: no one has attacked us since 9/11.  Bush's response was
perfect: he attacked Afghanistan and then he attacked Iraq.  Now the
evil ones know that, justified or not, the USA will attack anyone
with the slightest hint of responsibility for hitting the USA. 

And this is the ONLY language that bullies understand.

Bush deserves only kudos for this.

However, his spending is horrific and his other policies are, too.

> It must horrify the Republicans. You'd think for all
> the propping up that's going on, they wouldn't have
> to be worried about the coming mid-term elections.
> If you can't buy a happy electorate for a trillion
> dollars, what's it going to take?

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