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> That's why almost 20,000 scientists around the year 2000 signed the
> Oregon Petition demanding the U.S. government NOT sign onto the
> Kyoto Treaty and declaring that there WAS no scientific consensus
> over global warming.  See:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oregon_Petition

>From that link -- puts the above in perspective


The petition and its covering letter have been criticised [1].

The text of the petition is often misrepresented by its proponents as,
for example, "over 17,000 scientists declare that global warming is a
lie with no scientific basis" [2] whereas the petition itself only
speaks of catastrophic warming. Further, the covering letter, written
in the style of a contribution to PNAS, sent with the petition was
strongly criticised as "designed to be deceptive by giving people the
impression that the article, which is full of half-truths, is a
reprint and has passed peer review," (Raymond Pierrehumbert,
atmospheric chemist at the University of Chicago). The National
Academy of Sciences issued a statement that the petition had nothing
to do with them.

As with the Leipzig declaration, the qualifications of the
signatories, and their agreement with the stated contents have been
questioned. The Scientific American took a sample of signatories and

    Scientific American took a random sample of 30 of the 1,400
signatories claiming to hold a Ph.D. in a climate-related science. Of
the 26 we were able to identify in various databases, 11 said they
still agreed with the petition—one was an active climate researcher,
two others had relevant expertise, and eight signed based on an
informal evaluation. Six said they would not sign the petition today,
three did not remember any such petition, one had died, and five did
not answer repeated messages. Crudely extrapolating, the petition
supporters include a core of about 200 climate researchers – a
respectable number, though rather a small fraction of the
climatological community.

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