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> > Anyone see the National Scripts Spelling Bee finals the other
> night?
> > Not a big draw for me usually, but it moved from ESPN (past years)
> to
> > ABC primetime due to its "popularity" -- and I figured its GOT to
> be
> > better than American Idol (except Katharaine McPhee who is worth
> > listening to 50% of the time -- and looking at 95% of the time).
> >
> > It was fascinating. 30 or so finalists. About 15 of them Indian.
> Most
> > fascinating was the composure, charm and poise of the three
> finalists
> > -- all girls. They were all 8th graders (I think), and while
> spelled
> > incredible words without blinking, they were not at all geeks, but
> > looked and acted like smart, accomplished college students.
> Yes, I saw the last hour of it...and loved it!
> I had seen it on other channels in previous years, too, and it was
> equally exciting.


Since you like "obscure" sports, do you ever catch womens college
softball on ESPN? I am watching a few minutes now. Both the UCLA and
Texas teams have deep talent.

And we are now into the French Open (tennis). Not so obscure, but few
seem to watch. Go Sharapova!

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