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> > "As it is, planet Earth is in a sad and perilous condition while
> each
> > day brings it nearer to the critical. Many voices have sounded
> warnings
> > on global warming, and many views have been expressed, but even
> the
> > most dire prophecy falls short of the calamity facing the world
> today.
> > Few there are who see the immediacy of the threat and the urgency
> of
> > the steps needed to counter for.
> > Great as is the peril posed by global warming, this,
> unfortunately, is
> > not the greatest, or most hazardous, faced by man today. Did he
> but
> > know it, man is engaged in a slow but steadily increasing
> > intoxification of the race and the lower kingdoms. Toxicity,
> > pollutions, of all kinds, and in all fields, is now the greatest
> danger
> > to men, animals and the Earth itself. All are poisoned and sick
> > their own way."
> >
> > April issue of Share International Magazine. Please see:
> >
> > http://www.shareintl.org/magazine/SI_current.htm
> >
> And on behalf of those of us on Planet Earth that believe all you
> write above, I thank you for your heartfelt concern and courage of
> your convictions.

Sorry mate, it's a quotation. Want to read the whole thing ? Please
see: http://www.shareintl.org/magazine/SI_current.htm

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