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> Rougher edge, maybe, but this music is so *elegant*,
> no matter who's performing it.  Part of it is the
> language, I guess, which is luscious, and then the
> expansive musical line, which you just sink right
> into.  I love the variety of voices on this CD.
> It's been awhile since I've listened to Brazilian
> music seriously.  This one goes on my list to buy
> (I'm trying to keep to one CD a week!).  Great
> pick.  Thanks again.

I haven't heard the albums you've been discussing
(product deadline, and all that), but if you're
open to a completely different genre, might I
suggest you consider adding an album called All
The Roadrunning to your To Buy List? If you don't
like it, I will cheerfully refund the amount you
spent on it.

I think it's the album of the year, so far. Imagine
two popular music gods, each completely unique in
his or her own Way, who know each other's music
intimately and have been inspired by it time and
again. Further imagine that because of their respec-
tive touring schedules, these two people manage to
see each other only two or three days a year. Keep
imagining, and wonder what would have happened if
these two people spent those two or three days a
year for the last seven years recording an album
of duets.

The musicians in question are Mark Knopfler and
Emmylou Harris. All The Roadrunning is that album.
It's a labor of love.

Most of the songs were written by Mark, with two
written by Emmylou. And there's not a 'sinker' in
the lot; the consistency of excellence is remark-
able, especially given the way the songs had to
be recorded. The writing is clever and self-
referential (especially 'This Is Us' and 'Red
Staggerwing' and the title song, and as for the
singing, well, suffice it to say that there have
never been two voices on planet Earth more
karmically destined to sing together.

I've loved Emmylou since before her pairing with
Gram Parsons, which is a long time. I don't know
of a classier act in popular music. A real lady,
much to be admired.

I discovered Mark Knopfler late, as Dire Straits
was dissolving. I'd heard a few of the popular
songs on the radio, but somehow it hadn't caught
my ear. Then I saw a wonderful film called Local
Hero and was so transported by the score that I
bought the soundtrack LP immediately after seeing
the film. The next day I went back to the same
record store and bought everything Mark Knopfler
had ever released. I haven't missed one since.
He's a guitar god, and his songwriting is among
the best on the planet, and there's that voice.

Anyway, you might like this album. It has rarely
left my CD player since I got it, except to listen
to more Mark Knopfler and Emmylou.

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> >
> > I prefer fewer instruments also. Glad you liked her! 
> >
> > This stuff comes from Basil's uptown.  Samba originally came
> the
> > ghettos.  This album has the simple guitar back up to the
> that
> > I also really like, straight from the ghetto.  No voices like
> Rosa's,
> > but cool.  Rougher edge.  See what you think.
> >
> > http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00000039L/sr=8-
> 4/qid=1149360569/ref=sr_1_4/102-4458199-6191348?%5Fencoding=UTF8

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