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> > Rougher edge, maybe, but this music is so *elegant*,
> > no matter who's performing it.  Part of it is the
> > language, I guess, which is luscious, and then the
> > expansive musical line, which you just sink right
> > into.  I love the variety of voices on this CD.
> >
> > It's been awhile since I've listened to Brazilian
> > music seriously.  This one goes on my list to buy
> > (I'm trying to keep to one CD a week!).  Great
> > pick.  Thanks again.
> I haven't heard the albums you've been discussing
> (product deadline, and all that), but if you're
> open to a completely different genre, might I
> suggest you consider adding an album called All
> The Roadrunning to your To Buy List? If you don't
> like it, I will cheerfully refund the amount you
> spent on it.

Thanks, but just not my musical cuppa tea.  Very
little popular-type music these days turns me on.
My loss, I'm sure.

> I think it's the album of the year, so far. Imagine
> two popular music gods, each completely unique in
> his or her own Way, who know each other's music
> intimately and have been inspired by it time and
> again. Further imagine that because of their respec-
> tive touring schedules, these two people manage to
> see each other only two or three days a year. Keep
> imagining, and wonder what would have happened if
> these two people spent those two or three days a
> year for the last seven years recording an album
> of duets.
> The musicians in question are Mark Knopfler and
> Emmylou Harris. All The Roadrunning is that album.
> It's a labor of love.
> Most of the songs were written by Mark, with two
> written by Emmylou. And there's not a 'sinker' in
> the lot; the consistency of excellence is remark-
> able, especially given the way the songs had to
> be recorded. The writing is clever and self-
> referential (especially 'This Is Us' and 'Red
> Staggerwing' and the title song, and as for the
> singing, well, suffice it to say that there have
> never been two voices on planet Earth more
> karmically destined to sing together.
> I've loved Emmylou since before her pairing with
> Gram Parsons, which is a long time. I don't know
> of a classier act in popular music. A real lady,
> much to be admired.
> I discovered Mark Knopfler late, as Dire Straits
> was dissolving. I'd heard a few of the popular
> songs on the radio, but somehow it hadn't caught
> my ear. Then I saw a wonderful film called Local
> Hero and was so transported by the score that I
> bought the soundtrack LP immediately after seeing
> the film. The next day I went back to the same
> record store and bought everything Mark Knopfler
> had ever released. I haven't missed one since.
> He's a guitar god, and his songwriting is among
> the best on the planet, and there's that voice.
> Anyway, you might like this album. It has rarely
> left my CD player since I got it, except to listen
> to more Mark Knopfler and Emmylou.
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> > > I prefer fewer instruments also. Glad you liked her! 
> > >
> > > This stuff comes from Basil's uptown.  Samba originally came
> from
> > the
> > > ghettos.  This album has the simple guitar back up to the
> singers
> > that
> > > I also really like, straight from the ghetto.  No voices like
> > Rosa's,
> > > but cool.  Rougher edge.  See what you think.
> > >
> > > http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00000039L/sr=8-
> > 4/qid=1149360569/ref=sr_1_4/102-4458199-6191348?%5Fencoding=UTF8
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