She spends almost all her weekends with the Bush's family in Camp
David. They watch football matches, play golf, do jogging and cook
chicken. Bush never calls Ms. Rice by her full name. She in her turn
never thinks twice when she needs to call the US president in the
middle of the night to discuss issues of state importance.
Ms. Rice's status of a single woman is her biggest problem for the
time being. She has never been married, which is nonsense for the
majority of American citizens, who firmly believe that a family is one
of the basic signs of social well-being. Condoleezza Rice is 51 years
old now, but it seems that she has absolutely no private life at all.
Even meticulous reporters managed to trace only one boyfriend in Ms.
Rice's biography: a very brief affair took place in 1970. Reportedly,
Condoleezza Rice fell in love with a football player during her school
years in Denver. Condi's choice totally complied with her own dogmas:
the eight-year-old girl told her parents once that she would agree to
marry only a football player.

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