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> >>>
> >>> This will drive the hogs crazy.
> >>
> >> They are already driven crazy by their confinement in cages so
> > small they
> >> can't turn around their entire lives. It's legalized torture.
> >>
> >
> > I've seen the Alec Balwin-narrated video at the peta website on
> > chickens and beef-cattle (actually I got so sick I only could see
> > half of it).  I can only imagine how much worse it would be for
> > hogs...actually, all things being equal, pigs being pigs they
> > probably don't mind living in their own shit.
> They say that pigs are the most intelligent animal on the farm,
> dogs. It is just as unnatural to keep them confined as it would be
> They literally go insane. To me, this situation, as well as animal
> experimentation and many of the other cruel things we do to animals
(not to
> mention people) indicate that this society we think is so advanced
is really
> quite barbaric.

They're highly social animals.  They're actually
clean animals as well, but they have no sweat
glands so they have to roll in the mud to keep
cool; that's how the myth got started that they're

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