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> So what is yours (and Bhairitu's) take on MMY and other teachers
> reported sexual encounters, with regards to tantra? Do you feel there
> was some reasonable probability, or not, that there was some tantric
> practice type use of sexual energy involved?

In M's case there is no indication that there was any tantric 
practice involved nor that M. even practices such methods. Indeed his 
emphasis has always been on Veda rather than tantra. So I'd give it 
zero probablility in this case.

Muktananda is something entirely different--he appears to have 
mastered Vajroli or some similar technique. That's not to justify the 
using of young women as unwitting participants in your sexual 
practice as a good thing, but merely to point out what he was 
probably involved in. He most likely needed these methods to be able 
to continue iving shaktipat to groups of people (something rather 
untraditional in and of itself).

Swami Rama, although a great adept in Inner Tantra, appears to not 
have been using it for practice either, but for satisfaction, control 
and release.

Kalu Rinpoche does appear to have actually chosen a "mudra", a sexual 
consort, but the women he chose seems to have confused that with a 
normal romantic relationship (it is not). It was to be the 
culmination of his sadhana.

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