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> > Patti Boyd: My life as a muse
> The muse sayeth:
> > But you have to cut yourself a bit of slack in the end,
> > I think. I certainly wouldn't have lived through any
> > other era. People blame the 1960s for just about
> > everything these days, but it was the decade when all
> > that post-war furtiveness and small-mindedness was
> > finally blown open and opportunity really came
> > knocking."
> Well said. It was an interesting era to live through.
> I don't know who here is old enough to remember the
> 1950s and what it was like growing up in them. We're
> talking 'duck and cover.' We're talking people brag-
> ging about the size and quality of the fallout
> shelters they just built in the back yard.

How many of your neighbors bragged about that to you? None in my
neighbor. No one at my school (1500 kids or so). No one in entire area
(Bay Area) in newspaper or TV reports. Where did you live in the 50's?

>It was
> not a happy time,

Maybe not for you. I had fun and was happy. (But my happiness usually
is not dependent on "the times")

Sorry you missed Chuck Berry, early Memphis Elvis, Doo-Wop, Willie
Mays, sputnik, polio vaccine, Burns and Allen ... 

>no matter how many neocons think
> it was and want to return us to that mindset.

Though I am not a neo-con, I have no desire to return to the 50's, or
60's or 70's. etc. Life is RIGHT HERE NOW. Not in some golden era of
our childhoods.

And I don't see neo-cons want to return to 50's. Among other things,
don't they seek universal self-determination? We have come a long ways
on that front since the 50's.

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