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> I happily consider that. To my feeble mind however, that does not
> prove that SBS in inner teachings, or Shank or Advaian traditions have
> no practices that have anything to do with sex, such as union with the
> goddess.

Well that depends how you define "union with the goddess".

> All of which swerves widely from the main point: Could MMy have some
> knowledge of sexually related tantric practices by one of many means?

Of course you know it's likely he could, esp. if he really is a yogi, 
since one of the main texts on yoga contains rather explicit 

There's just absolutely no evidence he practices these.

> And if yes, is it possible, even consistent with his MO, to experiment
> and test such?
> > > I mean even if you assume SBS did not much explicitly andverbally
> > > share his tantric knowledge with MMY, could a disciple, later 
> in an
> > > awakened state, receive such knowledge by"transmission" or simply
> > > placing attention on their master? (I "GET" stuff by placing 
> attention
> > > on saints -- those currently in and out of mortal coil. So I 
> know its
> > > a valid means of insight.)
> >
> > It's possible he received transmission of Sri Vidya in this manner,
> > however there is no evidence that I am aware of he did receive such.
> Agreed. So its possible. Not established either way.

Well he does have one revelation he has claimed to have received, the 
"uncreated" commentary of the Rig Veda, but to my knowledge no one 
has ever seen it.

> > In fact, there is strong evidence that he was actually quite 
> ignorant
> > of many details and was actually coached by both western scholars 
> and
> > eastern pundits.
> While I am aware of your evidence I believe, I would not characerize
> it as strong evidence of ignorance. Most teachers bring in pundits or
> scholars to eloborate on things, don't they. Are you implying all
> teachers should be both i) totally omnicient  and ii) able to clearly
> communicate such omnicance? If not, the use of outside scholars seems
> reasonable. If not prudent.

In this case it was him actually being coached.

He also has brought people in to teach him things.

> > There is also evidence that things he claimed to
> > have had revelations on were items he was coached on the night
> > before.
> Primarily one persons accounts (and while his observations may be
> valid, you have to admit, is a bit charged up and ranting), which I
> have read too.
> I never heard M to proclaim "revelations". Are you getting mixed up
> with Biblical saints? :) When did you specifically, in person, hear
> him say, "I  have a revelation!"
> And If he did, does that preclude having a revelation induced by what
> some pundit said?
> >In other words they were phony revelations.
> My what greap leaps of logic.
> > Indeed some of
> > the more prominent revelations of MMY are straight out of various
> > commentaries.
> And you expected him to teach something outside of the Holy Tradition?
> >
> > In other words, if he did claim to have received such revelation, I
> > (personally), would take it with a very large grain of salt.
> Ok. And if he didn't claim such. But simply shared some insights he
> got from listening to scripture,and discussing such from pundits.

Unfortunately it didn't come out that way to the disciples.

I think he did get insights from listening to pundits, but it ended 
up coming out as "the Great rishi hath spoken this revealed 
material." In any event, I'd need to see more evidence of these 
alleged Maheshian "revelations" before I'd believe a word.

> INmy personal observation, M never claimed to be a Rig Veda scholar.
> THATS why in the early 7o's he invited Pundit Devarat -- the most
> respected Rig Veda pundit at thattime, to join him. To chant and
> discuss things in RV everyday. I personally saw M give great respect,
> honor and reverence to Deverat everyday. Same with SamaVed Pundits.
> What pundits did you personally see him "rob" stuff from.

Now you're saying I said he "robbed" stuff from pundits?
<sigh>  Nevermind.

In short, I see no evidence to support your Maharishi-as-tantric 
adept enlightening his female students thru sex from the spontaneous 
transmission he received from SBS once-upon-a-time.

Certainly not an Occam's razor kinda idea.

Perhaps Rick could pass on this idea to some of the women he had 
"tantric sex" with and you could get their response?

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