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> > If the following sounds a little familiar to you,
> > Shemp, it's because we already had this same
> > discussion over on alt.m.t when you made this claim
> > about Seeger.  This is a repost of what I posted
> > then, just to remind you that we know who is lying
> > about what.
> >
> > And here's an *accurate* description of what happened,
> > from "Woody Guthrie's Life" (note that the Almanac Singers
> > mentioned below was Pete Seeger's group):
> Go to the URL I posted for a sampling of the lyrics from this
> hastily destroyed album...that will tell you wads more than a
> communist puppet of Stalin, history's greatest mass-murderer.

Which puppet would that be, Shemp, the writer of
Woody Guthrie's biography I just quoted from?

I know you didn't read what I quoted, because it
contains <gasp> FACTS, and you never let FACTS
interfere with what you want to believe.

In my alt.m.t post, I also quoted from two different
anti-Hitler songs written by Seeger.  But you didn't
read those either.

> The story of Seeger and Hitler is either the story of someone who
> did all he could to ensure that the USA didn't join the war against
> Hitler or it's the story of someone who was anti-war when it suited
> his communist master and pro-war when it suited his communist
> masters.
> Take your pick.
> Either way he was -- and still is -- a scumbag.

You claimed Seeger lied when he said he had been against
Hitler before the war.  That claim of yours was a lie,

> Let the prick come clean with his past and then maybe I'll have
> some respect for his alleged anti-war stances.

He has never tried to hide it, Shemp. That's how we know
about it.  The problem is you've got it all twisted
around, because you aren't interested in the FACTS,
only in what you've been brainwashed to believe by
the right-wing scumbags who tell you what to think.

History is so much more complicated than you are
willing to deal with.

> > Woody's politics took a turn as the United States came into the
> > Second World War. Early in the war, communist-sympathizing
> > were confused about what stance they should take on the war. They
> > wrote anti-war songs, citing the typical "rich man's war, poor
> man's
> > fight" nature of international conflict, and since Stalin and
> Hitler
> > had signed a non-aggression pact, they felt it wrong to support a
> > fight against Hitler.
> >
> > Yet the far Left obviously found no consonance with Nazi ideals,
> and
> > they passionately despised Hitler's ways. So for a time, Woody,
> the
> > Almanac Singers, and similar performers were torn on what their
> > opinon of the war should be. When Hitler broke his agreement with
> > Stalin, though, the American Left could freely and adamantly
> support
> > the war. After all, Americans and Soviets were fighting side by
> side
> > against a common enemy, and a thoroughly despicable enemy at
> >
> > Since the US was fighting fascism, Woody and the Almanac Singers
> > wrote dozens of songs about defeating fascism and Hitler. And
> since
> > any kind of strike would cripple the war effort, all the old
> > songs were put on the shelf for awhile. Eventually though, Pete
> > Seeger joined the army, and that left the Almanac singers up in
> the
> > air.
> >
> > http://www.dhh-ev.de/alt/woody.html
> >
> > The copies of the anitwar (not pro-Hitler or pro-Nazi) album
> > the Almanac Singers had made were withdrawn and destroyed the
> > day after Hitler invaded, and the group proceeded to make a new
> > album calling on the United States to get into the war against
> > Hitler.
> >
> > And Pete Seeger, as noted above, joined the Army to fight Hitler.
> >

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