Well Cat, we obviously do not have as much experience of this plague over here as you do over there (maybe just a few young kids at times) but sure, I have met a few even here - and hundreds on email needless to say :- ))))
But over the years I have met many fine people who devote their whole life to getting people out of cults of all kinds, including fundemtalists religions. Some of these people became great friends and colleagues of mine. For them this is a lifetime mission - mine is only an occasional passing bit of fun.  I aint here to save souls mate :- ))  Anyway, there is nothing to save them from except themselves and simple psychology could take care of that if it bothered.
My interest in them is solely political and sociological. I am not having them gits dictating social policy and civil laws to me - you know my big thing is politics well enough.
But what I cannot understand really is why such a great country as the USA, with all those fine people there, all those resources, money, education, potentials, can turn out people like this by the bloody millions. Ker-Riced I would love to be President of the USA for twenty years.
You listen to these buggers on short wave radio (all of it from the USA) and one would think you had tuned into another planet mate - it is unbelievable, and sad. They have a lot of power Cat, and that does not auger well.
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Dearheart, you UNDERESTIMATE greatly..just what a huge deal it is to get fundamentlist Christians to think about their tales, myths, religion..in any other light than what they have been given from birth.
Honest to goodness...even getting them to consider a different spin on a myth..or accept an image of a 'Laughing Jesus' is HUGE...earth-shatterinly huge.  You would fall off your chair if you knew what a big deal it is...even just to get them to 'maybe consider' something else.
The DU list is definitely NOT for you and neither is its membership open to the type of stuff you write.
Why?  Too many choices too fast.  It's a bit like trying to give  a toddler a teething cracker and then throwing a T-bone steak at 'em.  Their system cannot handle it.  These are baby-steps..way too slow and limited for you,.
You can take galaxies at a single bound [I KNOW..I've seen you do it].  But these darlin's are just beginning to give themselves permission to crawl under their own power.
Their moderator isn't trying to manipulate the group members.  The moderator is trying to 'limit the menu' for those who are just cutting their teeth.
I know you feel insulted, and I am terribly sorry for that.
But there are different grades for different levels of understanding.  Your post was the equivalent of a PHD presenting a thesis to a group of pre-schoolers and then being offended because the material wasn't suitable for them AT THIS PARTICULAR STAGE.
At your level, it's all ONE..and you can swallow that and keep your sanity in tact..or even make peace with your insanity--whatever.  But for those just beginning to wake up...you've got to be gentle...and still let them have their 'loveys' and the things that are familiar and comfortable to them.  You try to take away the crutches before the legs are healed...and you have flapping wobblies all over the sidewalk.
And Richard, these folks are broken...broken on a level you cannot possibly believe it is possible to be THAT broken at and still draw the breath of life.  But they are.  And there are hundreds of thousands of them all over the world.
So check yourself, dearheart.  I KNOW your intentions are good.  But you're a tall strong drink...and infants need milk.
You can pour your 500 proof self in my glass any time.  I'll fall off my stool and drool a puddle on the floor.
But the babies...the babies you simply cannot deal with...not right now. 
You don't know your own strength, if you did, what you tried to do today would be a vile cruelty.  And cruelty is NOT part of my fantasy about you.

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