In the late 1970's during Muktananda's visit to Australia, a group 
of Governors and Sidhas in Melbourne were requested by Maharishi to 
go and pay their respect to Muktananda.  Maharishi instructed them 
to take flowers and garlands and present these to Muktananda and 
give him Maharishi's regards.  It was said that the two Masters came 
from the same Tradition, the Shankaracharya Tradition of Jyotir Math.
Muktananda showed them great respect as a group and received the 
delegation at a private meeting.

A lady present at this meeting remembers with joy and reverence Baba 
Muktananda's beautiful words.

During this private meeting, Muktananda told the TM group, 
"Maharishi and I are very different".

He continued, "I am here to offer a small group of people (my 
devotees) the path of liberation through devotion (the path of 
Bhakti).  I come and give my people darshan (shaktipat), I soak up 
their stress (karma) and process that stress(karma)for them."

Muktananda explained that the illness he suffered from during his 
visit to Melbourne and for which he had to be rushed to hospital, 
was due to the stress (karma) he takes on from his devotees.  It
was a question about this event which gave birth to the following 

"Maharishi is here for the world.  You may never see Maharishi 
yourself, but what Maharishi has given you is a technique to clean 
your own self.

My disciples have to be physically with me (in my presence).  
Maharishi has given you a technique to cleanse and purify yourselves 
and it is not just for yourselves, it is a technique to cleanse the 
whole world (collective consciousness).

Your path (TM and TM Sidhis etc) may be somewhat lonely, because you 
are doing the work (evolution) yourselves and you are self 
sufficient. You are responsible for your own path whereas my 
followers come to me and I do the work for them.

I am full of admiration for anyone on your path.

It is a path of great responsibility.  What I am doing is personally 
taking care of a small group of people, but what Maharishi is doing 
is giving the world a path to move to a new level, a higher level.  
I have full admiration for Maharishi and for each of you.

Some of you may never see your Master but this does not matter 
because he has given you the Supreme Gift, which is self 
sufficiency.  It takes strength and determination to pursue this 
path on a daily basis.  But you have the path of Self Sufficiency 
and it saves you and others also.  It affects the whole world."

Muktananda was very insistent on this point, that he was only here 
for a small group of people whereas Maharishi was here for the good 
of Mankind.

"My path is more nurturing because my devotees have me.  It is 
easier because I am here for them. What you have from Maharishi is 
fully comprehensive and you need only to do your practice.  I 
congratulate each of you for being so courageous, for being 
responsible for your own personal growth and that of the world."

Muktananda emphasised again that he was only here in the world for 
his group of devotees but Maharishi was here for the world.

"Maharishi's path is unique.  You only need to do what he has asked 
you to practise. It is glorious but it is not easy to be self 
Devotion must be in the heart rather than physically sitting at the 
foot of the Master.  Devotion must be in your heart.  This is 
because Maharishi is here for the whole world."

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