--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "wayback71" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> IMO, hyperactivity is a bit more complicated that avoiding sugar and eating a 
> better diet.  
> The brain and nutrition and genetic predisposition are probabloy all involved 
> in ADHD.  
> However, much like autism, there is lots of research going on, but no real 
> answers...yet. 
> it was so easy to fix ADHD, I am sure that all the many wonderful and 
> concerned parents 
> would have gotten successful outcomes without resorting to ritalin or other 
> similar 
> Seriously ADHD children (as opposed to the more mild cases where medication 
> is 
> a mistake) are not pleasant to be around - for family, friends or teachers. 
> They disrupt 
> family life terribly, end up with few if any friends, get bad grades, often 
> "give up" by 
> adolescence in school.  They lose everything, don't turn in the homework that 
> they do 
> manage to complete, can be rude and unkind (not intentionally) and have a bad 
> time of 
> make learning by classmates almost impossible.  These kids need help and 
> relief, and if 
> after trying all the natural stuff in the world they are left on the fringes, 
> unable to learn 
> have relationships, a bit of ritalin everyday seems like a good thing to me.  
> while I do not have children with ADHD, I know several people who do and have 
> watched 
> things unravel over the years.  In adulthood, this can be much worse than a 
> learning 
> disabiity in reall life of working and earning money and having a basic life.

I resemble this remark. One reason why I'm still doing TM is because the 
contrast between 
TM and not-TM, between doing it every day and forgetting to do it, is so 
dramatic. First 
thing my mother would ask me over a 30 year period when I got out of control 
was: "did 
you meditate today?"

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