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> Were  there school systems established in America at the time 
> > of Jefferson  or was he complaining about a "sect" taking over 
> > or buying out a  school or group of schools in a particular 
> > location? I think free  public education was very scarce if 
> > it existed at all during  Jefferson's time, but I'm not sure.
> I don't remember the details and  don't have time to
> look it up right now, but as I remember it was in  
> fact a school system in some county that was in danger
> of having its  curriculum taken over and run by a 
> Christian group, changing everything to  a "proper
> Christian education." Sorry I don't have the time
> to research  further, but here's the full letter.
> Jefferson was not a man to pull his  punches...
> This would be in perfect keeping with what Jefferson said in  
> regards to separation of church and state. The federal government 
> would not  adopt a specific denomination to impose over the other  
> denominations. Baptists would fear Jesuits educating their 
> children, many  denominations would be upset with Quakers 
> educating their children and the list  would go on. Each region
> of the country had majorities that adhered to  specific 
> denominations and nobody wanted to have the  federal government  
> take sides with one or have their children educated with a "proper 
> Christian  education" as defined by a specific denomination 
> that the people in that region  didn't agree with.

It's certainly not clear from the letter that
Jefferson had in mind anything but the potential
conflict between Christian denominations.  He
refers to

"...that delusion on the clause of the constitution,
which, while it secured the freedom of the press,
covered also the freedom of religion, had given to
the clergy a very favorite hope of obtaining an
establishment of a particular form of Christianity
thro' the U. S.; and as every sect believes its own
form the true one, every one perhaps hoped for his
own, but especially the Episcopalians &

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