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> Neat! Did the land stay in your family?
> Where did you find all this out? Most people in the U.S.
> know bupkes about their ancestors.
> I don't really know if family still owns it or not. He had six
sons and the
> one I'm related to eventually moved to Snowhill Maryland and some
> later migrated to Kentucky. A cousin of mine in Kentucky who is a
> judge had done some research and put me on the right trail. I
started looking
> up censes in Snowhill Maryland and eventually traced the family
generation by
> generation back to Ambrose. I actually found a lot of information
on him and
> his family. Some genealogist had written up a report about him
much of which
> I just passed on. I also went back another generation and found
his father,
> William Dixon who was born in 1599 in London and his mother
Katherine Barkley.
> Ambrose had three other brothers and a sister, Elizabeth, who also
came to
> the new world. Eventually I would love to go check out Snowhill
Maryland and
> the place where Ambrose settled, the name of the County escapes me
now. A lot
> of this stuff can be found on and some other
> sites.

Well, it's nifty to be able to find that much out.

My late mother was heavily into our family's genealogy
and did all kinds of research, intending to write it
all up one day, but she never got around to it, and her
results exist only in reams and reams of scribbled
notes, clippings, old letters, photocopies of stuff
from libraries, in near-total chaos. Shame to have it
all go to waste, but my sister and I simply don't have
enough interest to try to sort it all out. So we just
remember little bits and pieces of the stories she'd
tell us from time to time about her latest discoveri

Don't ever lose your mothers notes. You might get the desire some day to finish her work. I have lots of little notes and scraps I have found on other lines in my family that I keep.

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