TurquoiseB wrote:

>--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "sparaig" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>I would say that Ann Coulter is unique in many ways. Did you 
>>catch her on The Daily Show? She is quie unsubtle in her sense 
>>of humor, or a brilliant (and I do mean the word literally) 
>>actress. Jon Steward ripped her up and down and sideways and 
>>she appeared oblivious to his attacks--at best, she appeared 
>>confused, but mostly oblivious.
>I would say that goes along with the syndrome. If you
>look into the history of the Neoconservatives, one of
>the things that's most strking IMO is how closely they
>parallel tyrants from other eras, such as 'Saint' 
>Dominic and his Inquisition. If you read his writings,
>and between the lines, I think you'll get the feeling that
>his thinking was remarkably like the thinking that has
>been described as the genesis of the Neoconservative
>movement. They *knew* that what they were saying was
>a lie. They *knew* that all of their social and economic
>theories were a lie. But they honestly felt that they
>were *needed* lies, and that the people *had* to be fooled 
>into believing them.
>IMO, *of course* she's oblivious. She's 'one-pointed.'
>She cannot admit the possibility of another point of
>view other than hers that is viable. So when one comes
>up, especially if it starts making good points in public,
>she 'tunes out.' She literally 'goes away,' to that safe
>place within where she knows the Truth and they don't.
>There are a lot of these people around these days. My
>theory is that they all incarnated here and now because
>there are an equal number of people who incarnated here
>and how whose intent is to spread light, and these
>particular creeps really don't *like* light.
And they all seem to be hell bent on moving us back in time to the 17th 
century.  The time of feudal landlords and such.  Like we're all going 
to give up the progress we've made since then.  To hell with them.

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