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[Commments and implied statements in brackets]

Believe me nobody ever died fighting for
"our [their country's] freedom." Instead they fought to keep the rich
rich and the poor poor. They fought the wars as pawns for the rich.
The rich could give a damn about "our freedom", instead just theirs to
keep counting their money. When will we learn?

"The vast majority of them [including French in WW II it would appear]
fought and died because they were told to and had so little
imagination that it never occurred to them that they could
say no, to conscription and to the whole stupid
business of war."

"In other words, the 'honor the fallen dead'
thang is just an extension of the German
"Ve ver just followink orders" excuse for
not owning up to their part in WWII[The French and British virtually
created WWII with their intensely harsh termsdemanded in the Treaty of
 Versaille] . If you
praise the soldiers who said YES to an
insane war, and absolve them of any respon-
sibility for that war because they were just
being noble and doing what they were told by
their "bad leaders," then the people who sat
by quietly and paid their taxes and *enabled*
the war started by those "bad leaders" also
share no responisibility for it.

War is a kind of codependency. Every time you
say YES to some leader who wants a war and
agree to go fight it or agree to pay for it,
you are *assisting* that leader in perpetuating
war. As I said, there will always be leaders
who want war; in the long run, the only thing
that will stop them is people saying NO -- both
to fighting the wars and to paying for them."

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> It's real easy for Americans to sit on their fat asses
> and criticize those countries who have actually had
> wars fought on their own territory. ...
> As far as war goes, they're [Americans] pussies. They
> have never had the experience of seeing what war is
> like first-hand, happening in your own streets and to
> your own loved ones, right in front of you. They think
> that war is what they read in newspapers and see on
> newsreels. If they had actually experienced the reality
> of past wars first-hand, they might not be so willing 
> to start new ones.
> I live with people who lost every male member of their
> family in those first few days of World War II. They
> have a slightly different perspective on things than
> the fat-assed Americans who like to boast over a few
> beers how they "won" the war.

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