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I would like my comment to be separated from any connection with

evaluating Jim personally.  In my communications he has passed the

much more important test in my world of being a nice, sincere guy. 

I thought the Vedic System of MMY included the Yoga Sutras as the

tests for consciousness. At least that is how he presented it to us. 

They were markers on the path, like belts in martial arts.  It seems

reasonable that the criteria included in the system should be met. 

Enlightened people may or may not have math abilities, but the sutras

are real specific in the abilities that they are supposed to manifest.

 For all the minimizing of these abilities as "normal" they are

clearly beyond the range of abilities that have been demonstrated in

any kind of controlled setting.  With MMY's fascination with PR (he

had demonstrations of hopping many times), I find it unlikely that any

of his minions can pull off any of the externally verifiable

abilities.  If they could, I think MMY would have them on a continuous

tour and I think I can guess what the tickets would cost.

LOL, I've always said the same thing. If anyone could demonstrably show siddhis or some sort of scientific validation of some state of enlightenment, they'd be on that like stink on a skunk. It'd be on every glossy, gold-colored brochure, probably get a full spread in a couple of big newspapers, the media would be inundated with their requests for air time (no pun intended) and they'd be trying to sell it to various world governments for large cash.


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