Had me going...hehe...

Good to hear from you, dude. All is very well indeed
on my side...summer in the south of France, lots of
vacation time to look forward to, and all that.
...soounds nice....

On the TM side, Maharishi announced a new breakthrough
course and as a result all of the recertified teachers
are now fully enlightened, and all displaying every one
of Pantanjali's siddhis, often in public.
...there was something about that? Anyone heard that Rajas do something like meditate on a Sri Chakra? 

The fallout from this is as expected, with mobs of
shame-faced ex-TMers showing up at the gates in Vlodrop
begging to be readmitted to the fold so that they can
get some of this good stuff, too. Being an enlightened,
all-compassionate being, Maharishi has forgiven them
all and welcomed them with open arms, as long as they
have the course fee of one million bucks each.
So he is still alive? I wondered....

The long-promised pundits have all arrived and are
chanting like gangbusters, radiating woowoo rays far
and near. As a result there has been no crime reported
in the closest 17 states to Iowa in over two months.
No crime?  Does that mean people can still have fun?

< Slaps self! >

Wait! That's not really what's been happening. I must
have been channeling some TBer for a moment. My
apologies.  :-)
There's still TBs?

Seriously, things are about the same only different.
Fewer flame wars these days, which I see as a good
thing but which I'm sure some folks miss.

What's been up with you?
Nothing. Riding out the summer here in NOLA with fingers crossed. We put $15,000.00 into repairing and upgrading our house last year after The Storm.
Things seemingly not looking very good due to an extremely hot winter and hot Gulf. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a repeat of last year. I feel sorry for those like my friend's boss who rebuilt his bar at the expense of a half a mil and he's below the flood line.


Glad you're okay HHDL 7. BTW I still remember those quotes. They were great.

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