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> > > > I'm not really part of or terribly interested in this
> > > > conversation, but a funny thought just struck me.
> > > > How long do you think it will take after Maharishi
> > > > dies for the True Believers to add his name to the 
> > > > puja?  I'd bet less than five years.
> > > 
> > > As long as the TMO survives as MMY wants it tok, MMY's 
> > > name will NEVER be part of the puja. He's had his official 
> > > portrait added to the tradition of masters as a tiny figure 
> > > in white standing respectfully to the side, well away from 
> > > the river that flows through them.
> > 
> > Your point is slightly irrelevant. After he dies, the 
> > TM movement will survive as the people who run it want
> > it to survive, not as Maharishi wants it. If they want
> > to "reinterpret" his wishes "creatively," they will
> > certainly do so. Just look at the history of *any* 
> > spiritual movement after its teacher died.
> > 
> > I'd still bet on seeing a pretty determined program
> > of "Maharishi glorification." The movement will have
> > lost not only its figurehead, but also the *only* 
> > person who could get press any time he wanted it.
> > The public will tend to ignore the TM movement as
> > passe (even more than they do now). So my bet is 
> > that people will start coming up with "miracle stories"
> > and "healing stories" designed to portray Maharishi as
> > something Really Special. 
> > 
> > This is really NOT a rap denigrating either TM or the
> > TMO or Maharishi. It's just my guess about what we
> > might see happen after Maharishi's death, based on what
> > has happened in hundreds of spiritual traditions after
> > their teachers' deaths.
> I've no doubt that there will be a move to deify or whatever 
> MMY (some already deify him), but I was responding mostly to 
> your "5 years" lmit. I don't think that there will be any 
> move towards this from within the TMO for many, MANY years. 
> In fact, if MMY is correct, there never will be, as long as 
> technological society endures. 

That's a sweet thought. Care to put money on it?  :-)

> Every talk that MMY has ever 
> given credits his teacher and the "tradition of masters." In 
> fact, since the next generation of TM teachers won't have 
> face time (even via closed circuit TV) with MMY, there will be 
> even less tendency to put him on a pedestal, IMHO.

I think there will be even *more* of a tendency to
deify him, for that very reason. Those who have 
worked face-to-face with a teacher tend to be a 
little more resistant to the deification process;
those who have always been kept at a distance tend
to "extend" that distance even further by deifying
the distant teacher. 

I'm just talking historical trends here. Some would
like to believe that the TMO will be immune to these
trends. I'm not one of them; I've seen the movement
fall prey to too many of them while Maharishi is
still alive, much less after he's gone.

Adding his name to the puja would be an extreme
step, but mark my words you'll see a "movement 
within the movement" to do so, even if it doesn't
succeed. And the result will be bitter infighting
between one group of people who are convinced that
they are doing "what Maharishi really wanted" and
another group that is equally convinced that they
are doing "what Maharishi really wanted."

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