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> I expect to go through hell.

Well then you have to bring along my favorite Far Side
cartoon. It's set in hell. Flames, tortured souls, the
whole bit. Two devils are watching this guy pushing 
a wheelbarrow, probably forever. He's sweating, but
there's this big, shit-eating grin on his face and he's
whistling. One of the devils is saying to the other,
"We've got to watch this guy...he's got a bad attitude."

May the 'tude be with you...

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> > > Ah, super, I hoeever will be only able to attend this 
> > > retreat below:
> > 
> > August 4-5th Madison WI 
> > 1st Annual Younge Dorje Drollo "Drub-chod"
> > Friday 6-9pm Initiation to the Dorje Drollo Mandala/ Tsog feast
> > Saturday and Sunday 9am - 12pm / 1pm- 5pm Recitation and ritual 
> >   activities of the Drollo Mandala
> > Location: Quarry Arts Building Room 150
> > (East of Whole Foods) at 715 Hill St.
> > 
> > Rinpoche has asked the sangha to do a yearly short, but 
> > intensive Dorje Drollo Drub Chod. He strongly encourages 
> > all RSL sanghas throughout the world to join in the practice 
> > and tsog on this important day, dedicating the merit to all 
> > sentient beings and to world peace.
> > 
> > A Drub Chod is a structured event over several days consisting 
> > of the Empowerment, instruction and practice of the sadhana. 
> > This gives students a chance to work on accumulation and 
> > meditation in Rinpoche's presence, receiving added blessings 
> > and guidance
> > 
> > August 4th is the most auspicious day on the calendar as it 
> > marks the Anniversary of Padmasambhava's manifestation as 
> > Dorje Drollo to subdue all harmful corrupters of the Dharma. 
> > Therefore please make an effort to arrive the Friday evening 
> > of the event, which will continue through Saturday and Sunday 
> > 
> > Dorje Drollo is the main Heruka deity for the RSL sangha, having 
> > a direct connection to Rinpoche's Younge lineage of which he is 
> > the family lineage holder. The Terton who revealed this text is 
> > Younge Migyur Dorje and it is the most widely used Dorje Drollo 
> > practice in Tibet. In this uncommon version, Dorje Drollo is 
> > visualized in union with Sengdong-ma and protected by Mahakala. 
> > One must have Buddhist Refuge to participate, understand and 
> > accept the Tsog feast, and be clear about Samaya within the 
> > Vajrayana.
> Cool. Sounds like a neat event. So do you have expectations
> about it? Not expectations in the bad sense :-)...I'm just 
> wondering what you are looking forward to.
> It's a nice inviation. Those who are not used to the
> way that Tibetan traditions do these things may find
> it a bit odd. Speaking to the group as a whole, if 
> you do, and have things to say about this invitation, 
> I for one would love to hear them. You're an interesting 
> and educated group of seekers, and it would be fascinating 
> to hear how you react to this style of presentation. 
> I was struck by its simple, unassuming honesty. It just
> lays out what the event is about, and assumes a certain
> level of shared belief, and proficiency in that shared 
> belief, in the audience to whom it is addressed. 
> I particularly like the list of prerequisites for the 
> retreat -- that is a masterpiece of understatement and 
> respect for one's peers. If you've been around the 
> Tibetan Buddhist block, you nod your head and say,
> "Cool...sounds like it will be a nice group of people
> attending." If you haven't, you realize that you have
> more to learn. Nice gesture either way.
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