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> > Great points.  Thanks for taking the time.  I will take a little 
> time
> > to make sure I let them sink in.
> > 
> > I can't resist this one to start:
> >  
> > The irony is that if what you're calling the "group 'I'"
> > > is in fact the case, it means you are infinitely more
> > > than just the currently living bodymind called "Curtis."
> > > From that perspective, what you "love most about being
> > > alive" is absurdly limited.
> > 
> > Since I handed over my eternal soul at the crossroads for a few
> > guitar licks I may be stuck with my limits!
> Maybe there are some more licks still out there?
> >  This notion doesn't *reduce* what you love most about
> > > being alive; it *expands* it beyond any limitation.
> > > All you have to give up is the limitations!
> > 
> > Expansion beyond limitations seemed so inspiring to me at one 
> > Now the words leave me cold.  I know it will sound like MMY's "My
> > hut, my hut", but the joy of my life all comes from the details 
> > limitations.  Do you relate to this more as a concept or is it 
> > to the expansive sense of euphoria in the program for you?  I can
> > remember it in both contexts.
> Both, as you remember it, and more.
> What appeals to me is the expanded *range of choice*.
> Working with details and within limitations is one of
> the choices; the ability to do that doesn't get
> withdrawn.  But you can set the limitations wherever
> you want to, or drop them altogether if you feel like
> doing that.  You aren't limited to one set of 
> limitations, in other words, nor are you limited as
> to how far you can go in exploring one particular set.
> This is so abstract it's hard to get across, but do
> you remember I said my experience of development of
> consciousness was one of increasing transparency?  Part
> of that is that limitations become transparent.  They're
> still there, but they don't block what's beyond them.
> > Funny how something that seemed so
> > overwhelmingly powerful and important at the time has vanished 
as a
> > value in my life.
> I can't resist suggesting that perhaps the concept
> that seemed so powerful and important *was itself
> limited* as it existed in your mind at the time,
> and that at a certain point you had grown beyond
> what it meant to you then--but for various reasons,
> instead of letting the concept expand along with
> you, you left it where it was and went off in a
> different direction.
> To put it another way, you had a whole lot of
> bathwater you had to dump in terms of having been
> heavily involved with the organization and its dogmas
> and having a personal need to separate yourself from
> all that in order to breathe.  And the baby swimming
> around therein was still just a baby, so underdeveloped
> intellectually you couldn't easily connect it to
> the growth you were experiencing in your life.
> If my concept of "expansion beyond limitations" was
> the same now as it was a few decades ago, I would no
> longer find it very appealing either.  But I didn't
> have any bathwater to dump, because my involvement
> with the organization has never been more than
> peripheral; so I didn't have any problem taking the
> concept along with me and letting it grow in accord
> with my experience.
>   Curious really.  Consciousness really is amazing
> > almost any way you look at it.
> Ain't nothing more enthralling, by me.  And the
> more you look at it, the more enthralling it gets.
>   I do want to spend some time thinking
> > about the limits of science you presented.  That is fascinating.
> Enjoy!  Heh heh.

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