Jennifer just arrived down there (Sunday).  I spoke with her and 
Will Hamilton who is also down there in Tennessee.  Timmy, the boy 
who was driving was out of surgery for puttting his arm and shoulder 
back together on the weekend.  Multiple breaks put back together 
with pins and such.

Rose with cracks in her pelvis and tailbone is released from 
hospital and walking painfully with a walker.  Danny the boy with 
downs had a punctured lung originally and has now been released to 
the family.

Elizabeth, Lizzy had multiple  breaks in her pelvis, protruding 
bones, internal bleeding.  That was worked on right away with a day 
of surgery.  She is alert and awake now.  Possibly/probably they 
will have to do more to piece her pelvis back together.  They are 
waiting to see how the wounds seal over and also see her internal 
organ functions.

The others in the car were bruised, banged and cut with flying glass 
etc.  A lot of their cuts were stapled together in emergency room 
and they are since released. There was a girlfriend also in the car. 
She was banged up but released quickly.  

The Walker parents are both there on it and attending to the kids.  
They have some rooms in a nearby hotel.  Their kids who have been 
released are with them.  Sounds like the kids are sedated for pain 
and everyone is getting their first nights of sleep since it 

William Hamilton was not in the wreck but went down there right away 
after the wreck escorting the Walker mom, Heidi.  They arrived there 
at 7:30am that morning after the wreck.

It evidently was a SUV type of wreck.  The kid driving swerved at 70 
mph and the vehicle started rolling.   Three were ejected.  Airbags 
evidently held some of them in.
Amazingly,  no fatality,  no spinal injury or brain injury in the 

Jennifer Hamilton along with Elsie Smith and her daughter Happy have 
driven Heidi Walker's car down there having left Farifield this 
weekend.  Jennifer as an RN, Will as a paramedic and Elsie with 
supplies of herbs, remidies, and good food will cover with this 
extra help.  Many people sent things along with the car.  Happy is a 
good friend of the Walker kids.  The care at Vanderbuilt has been 
superb, top-flight.  Jennifer and Will as medical people are 
impressed thus far.  At least three of the kids are going to take a 
long time to re-cover. 

I would suspect that the Walker family, Heidi in particular will 
need some cash to live down there for a while.

With Kind Regards, 


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