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> > Critique of the "What the Bleep" movie, featuring Hagelin and 
> > proponents of "quantum metaphysics". (his pic featured...):
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> > http://www.skeptic.com/eskeptic/04-10-01.html
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> Another "proof" of the power of thought presented in the film is 
the so-called "Maharishi 
> Effect." In 1993, 4,000 meditators gathered in Washington, D.C. 
under the direction of 
> physicist John Hagelin. Hagelin predicted in advance that the 
meditations would drive 
> down the violent crime rate in the city by 25 percent that summer. 
Despite the fact that 
> the murder rate actually rose, Hagelin announced a year later that 
his analysis proved that 
> the violent crime rate fell just as he had predicted. In his recent 
book he states that the 
> meditators "function essentially as a `washing machine' for the 
entire society."
> As with Emoto's work, there has been no replication by other 
scientists, no control groups, 
> and no publications in reputable peer reviewed scientific journals 
to confirm the Maharishi 
> Effect.
> 1) the study was published in a "reputable per reviewed journal." 
So was at least one other, 
> though the definition of "study" might allow for more confirmations 
to be included in this 
> category of "confirmation."
> 2) The murder rate doubled the average for one week of the study 
(22 murders) and was 
> down to half the average (4 murders) the next week.  For the entire 
period, the murder-
> rate was essentially unchanged.

And the rate of *other* violent crimes (rapes,
assaults, robberies) went *way* down.

> Hagelin has published responses  to several challenges to this 
study. I take you it you 
> haven't bothered reading them because the study is baloney on its 

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