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> > > In discussing this with Tom Traynor, he wrapped it up
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> > > Things happen exactly as they should. Why? Because that's the way
> > > they happened.
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> > Though "meaningful" perhaps via some other understandings or
> > knowledge, by itself, the quote is hard to distinguish from a
> > tautology.
> And then there's always this old chestnut:
> Q:  "Maharishi, if everything is perfect just as it is,
> why are we working so hard to change things?"
> A:  "That too is perfect just as it is."

While that too is a tautology as it stands, in a broader context it is
a valuable insight and knowledge. And if truely understood, 
explains why "absolute no-free will due to all decisions being based
on past causes" is no excuse for dropping responsibility for 

Per responsibility, we all deeply learning behaviors of learning,
adaptation and optimizating values (projected outcomes) of any 
action to derive maximum happiness.  And part of learning behaviors
include learning that actions have consequences that can either
increase or decrease happiness. "Taking responsibility" is not so much
the issue. Responsibility takes us. The result of actions 
find us. We learn from such. "Do more if action yields greater
happiness, do less if action yields less happiness." (Do nothing if 
non-action produces greatest happpiness.)

And the same reasons, per above, explain why MMY's quote, if truly
understood, clarifies why  "absolute no-free will due to all decisions
being based on past causes" does not cause lethargic, "do nothing"
nililism. The latter may be a "happiness" strategy being tested by
some, but over time it is learned that it is not as effective as other
strategies, and one moves one. Who would ever say Bangalore today is a
lethargic backwater due to Indian cultural beliefs that nothing can or
should be done -- one should sit and totally take it as it come, all
outcomes are all singularly and absolutely already mapped out. 

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