6.20.06 Weds. pm

Not Easy & Convalescing 

Thanks for pursuing this.  Most of the kids are convalescing there 
in the area with their various wounds.  Sedated, quiet & 
recovering.  It is not simple.   One is still in the hospital and 
will be there in the area possibly for some while longer.  The 
Walkers are hold up around there for a while near the hospitals.  
Some of the injuries are very complex.  

The hospitals are stablizing and moving the paitents out, as fast as 
they can.  The kids are sedated and quiet mostly outside the 
hospitals. Most of the ones released are black and blue in various 
ways..  The son who broke his arm and shoulder is down and out with 
a lot with pain and pain medication.  His is a very complex break 
and surgery.

They are not just 'fine' and coming home quite yet.  The system is 
trying to get them out the door but the prognosis for several of 
them is very complicated with many different recovery possibilites.  

The system while patching them up is sending them out the door as 
fast as it can.  The last child to leave hospital is very precarious 
and they are trying to discharge soon. Like tomorrow.  That aspect 
of the care is extremely sketchy, as they say. Discharged to what?  
What is their thinking?  Part of it is that she is uninsured, it is 
the system.  

She is an older child just out of school who is not on the family 
health policy. Uninsured.  Hers is the most complex injury.  These 
kind of uninsured kids are not an uncommon occurance in America 
now.  They refer to it as the 'bubble' between family insurance and 
adult life.  

I would imagine that it is taking a lot of out-of-pocket money for 
them all to be there.  Heidi works for MUM, which we know what that 
means as far as means.
Sending some support to her by her address in Fairfield is one way 
of getting her some cash to go on.  People here are tending her home 
matters.  US postal mail to her house will get to her.
  Heidi Walker has gone back to her maiden name.
Heidi Salmonson   207 E Broadway Fairfield, Ia. 52556
Thanks for the offers of your help,

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