--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Bhairitu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That's why a progressive income tax is a good thing. It is an 
> disincentive to accumulating excessive wealth. It is better to 
have more 
> millionaires than any billionaires. You would allow people to 
> an estate worth up to $12 million and then the progressive tax 
kicks in. 
> It's not there to make money for the government. Anyone who thinks 
> need more than $12 million has to be sick.
> (Just watch the resident righties -- rich wannabes but never-gonna-
> -- whine at this).

Yes, they (we) whine at this because progressive taxes don't hurt 
the rich -- they already have their money and will find ways to keep 
it -- it hurts those that ASPIRE to be rich...and progressive taxes 
serve as a DISINCENTIVE to work.

And anyone that wants to create an estate worth more than $12 
million is none of YOUR business, Bhairitu, and none of the 
government's business.

I can't believe we're still discussing these things in the 21st 

> surya wrote:
> >There are two root causes for the entire chaos and terrorism in 
> >world. One is the thirst for earning money and the other is the 
> >religious fanatic. Due to money, people are quarreling, hereas 
> >to religion, countries are quarreling. Unless these two root 
> >are eradicated we cannot achieve world peace. The tree will not 
> >by cutting leaves and branches. It dies only by cutting its 
> >There is no use in earning the extra money. Due to excess money, 
> >quarrels, mental worries and several other problems arise. 
> >it ends in loss only and not in any profit. You have to leave all 
> >this extra money here only and quit this world alone. Your issues 
> >may lose that money given by you. Such sinful extra money brings 
> >problems not only to you but also to your children. Neither 
> >nor your children will be happy and peaceful. This entire world 
> >the property of God and take whatever is required from it. This 
> >said in Gita, ("YavanarthaÂ…."). 
> >
> >In these days, buffet system is followed during feasts. In this 
> >system, large vessels contain various food items and people take 
> >food from these vessels according to their requirement. 
> >God created this entire world and you can take the wealth from it 
> >according to your requirement. People are not following the same 
> >system when they are taking wealth from this world. The 
> >is that most rich people follow this buffet system in the feasts 
> >do not follow the same when it comes to earning the money. 
> >Upanishad' says that one should return back this extra money to 
> >Lord. Otherwise, the Lord will give the troubles. 
> >
> >In buffet system, if one takes extra food in his plate by over 
> >ambition and ignorance for a moment, he returns back immediately 
> >before starting eating. Veda says that you must return back the 
> >extra money for the God's work if taken by ignorance. In the 
> >system if you eat the extra food, you will suffer from diseases. 
> >Similarly, if you enjoy the extra money, God will punish you in 
> >several ways. 
> >
> >In this world, people belonging to any religion think that their 
> >religion only is the true religion. They think that the God of 
> >religion can alone give the salvation and the worship of that God 
> >should be according to their religion only. They also condemn 
> >religions and invite people to convert people into their 
> >They do lot of work to establish their religion only in the 
> >world which shows their ambition. It is just like Alexander's 
> >ambition to make the entire world his kingdom. Alexander wanted 
> >extend his kingdom. But, even he returned back after fighting 
> >Porus (Purushotama) on seeing the loss of life in the battle. 
> >the ambition of religious fanatics is not subsided on seeing any 
> >amount of loss of life. Religion is considered to be backed with 
> >spiritual knowledge and the religious people are expected to be 
> >from ambition. We can excuse ambition of any ignorant person like 
> >Alexander. 
> >
> >The heart of a religious fanatic will not change by any amount of 
> >kindness or love expressed in the appeals. Such appeals can 
> >only the heart and the change in the heart is always temporary. 
> >Change in the intelligence brought by knowledge based on logic is 
> >always real and permanent. Intelligence (Buddhi) is considered to 
> >the driver of this body, which is like a chariot running by the 
> >senses, which are like the horses. If the driver is convinced, 
> >entire chariot along with the horses is in the correct path. The 
> >terrorist will not change by love or kindness shown to him. He 
> >becomes the terrorist due to the wrong knowledge that enters his 
> >brain. He was convinced by that knowledge. That knowledge can be 
> >changed only by the right knowledge. A diamond can only be cut by 
> >another diamond. Similarly, one type of knowledge can only be 
> >replaced by another type of knowledge. Then only, he will be 
> >convinced and changed forever. 
> >
> >So far, the trials made to change the terrorist were beating 
> >the bush and therefore, they did not have much effect. Today, SRI 
> >GURU DATTA is giving the right knowledge to remove the religious 
> >conservatism. 
> >
> >at the lotus feet of shri datta swami
> >surya
> >http://www.universal-spirituality.org
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >  
> >

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