This war is a farce;
How can we bring democracy abroad;
While stealing our constitutional rights at home?
The old regime in Iraq, was keeping Iran at bay;
As well as outsiders such as the bin Laden bunch of maniacs;
Saddam is not so insane as some that have followed him...
The 'enemy of our enemy' was our friend, in the eighties;
Iraq was in a costly war with Iran.
The U.S. sold them arms to fight Iran.
Mr. Rumsfeld shook Saddam's hand,(Remember the Picture, pictures don't lie)
We are in a much weaker position now;
In regard to Iran, and that is why they are flexing their muscle.
That is why they are so bold now;
Because we are bogged down, with our Saddam obsession.
Who, by the way, had nothing to do with the 'Events of 9/11'.
 So,Why oh why are we sending our kids there to die;
To be maimed and their souls abused with horrible images,
They can't forever forget...
Why do we have a President, so obsessed with Saddam?
Perhaps because Saddam had tried to have the Bush elder killed?
That is why we send our kids to die, day after day?
There are many dictators in this world of ours.
Many in Africa.
No oil in Africa?
New Orleans has to save itself.
But for Bush's Saddam obsession,
Billions are not a problem.
Perhaps Mr. Bush is just a typical;
(As they say in A.A.)
Like an alcoholic that just quits with no help.
Just an angry, 'Dry drunk'.
It's about oil, stupid.
We could have had electric cars, ten years ago.
As for L.S.D... the C.I.A. gave up on it years ago.
They decided it was an unreliable tool for brainwashing.
Instead they decided to go with the "Mindwar Doctrine"
This involves control of the media, used to brainwash.
As well as stressors to weaken the resolve of the population.
And promoting the notion that the U.S.
Can do no wrong.
We are in a very sick and dishonest state of affairs;
In Washington D.C.
And everybody,knows it...

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