--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "sparaig" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> For the past few days, I've been contributing to the wikipedia 
entry on Transcendental 
> Meditation. Boy, is that fun in dysfunctional sort of way. Between 
Peter, Andrew Skolnick and 
> myself, we've managed to completely rewrite the whole thing about 
10x over.
> http://www.wikipedia.org keyword: "transcendental meditation". 
Click on the "history" tab to 
> see what I mean...

Omigod, what a disaster.  Skolnick's going to turn
the entry into a rerun of his JAMA article if he's not

I'm tempted to put in a paragraph or three on the JAMA
episode and point out that one of the people making
"contributions" to the entry is the author of the JAMA
muckraking piece and that he was sued by TM for it.

There ought to be *some* way of getting a person 
barred from editing Wikipedia entries when it can be
demonstrated that they have a personal interesting in
and a history of smearing whatever the entry is about.
Or at the very least, there ought to be some way of
identifying such a person's "contributions" in the
main entry.

(Laswon, please do me a flavor: Don't let Peter Klutz
keep putting in the phrase "comprises of"--it isn't
English.  You corrected it once, and he put it back in;
then you or someone else corrected it again--but he's
liable to put it back if you're not careful.  Minor
point, but the phrase is really illiterate.)

You're doing terrific work, Lawson, but if Andrew has
time on his hands, countering his distortions and
misstatements is going to be a full-time job.

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