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> > . Even  the Washington
> > Post remarked on Bush's  misstatement:
> > 
> > That's my point. Misstatements. Obviously Bush was  meaning 
> > didn't allow the UN inspectors  in unfettered,
> No, it's not obvious at all, especially not after he
> made the same claim three separate times.
>  because  it was clear 
> > they were there and had been there. It was on the front page  of 
> > news almost everyday.
> So was the fact that there was no connection between
> Saddam and 9/11, yet the administration has continued
> to try to make that connection in the public's mind,
> with a great deal of success.
> Bush even made the connection *this year* in his State
> of the Union.
> What you don't seem able to recognize is that this
> administration has no qualms whatsoever about misleading
> and deceiving the public.

...unlike the mass-murdering dictators you go out of your way to 
support and defend (as long as you can bash America at the same 

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